Pet sa mère, notre collection au poil pour les animaux ! - Debongout

Pet his mother, our furry collection for animals!

On the occasion of World Animal Day, we present to you an old idea that purred to pamper your little furballs:
the collection of well polished accessories "Pet his mother"!

For each of our collections, we collaborate with artists, personalities or brands whose work and vision we love. They bring their personal and authentic touch, and thus perfectly complement our lines of objects.
This collection led us to the sublime work of Les Résilientes, the design studio of Emmaüs Alternatives. An initiative that combines design, solidarity and ecology and which is associated with artisanal and French manufacturing, here is a good dose of meaning for Debongout!

Their beautiful hands have made for you (and your little furballs) these pieces from deposits of jeans and shirts from donations made to the Emmaüs association and which cannot be sold or redistributed.


With our guest Booba, we present to you these unique and handmade pieces in Paris

Garfield is the perfect OKLM cushion for your little four-legged friend's nap. Its cover is made from a patchwork of recycled jeans and shirts. The little extras: its cover is fully removable for machine washing and its cushion is 100% waterproof . We install it in a cozy corner of the room for quality chill moments with Rambo the toy, which will quickly become inseparable from your little beast to scratch its claws or teeth.


Wow, it's time for a walk! The inseparable Rox the collar and Rouky the leash are the essentials of the outing . They are shaped the same way for a furry look 👌


Hop, we associate a small striped bandana with the necklace according to our taste of the day, and here is the most beautiful flow of the street 🥰


Pet his mother, it's THE furry collection that will make people yelp.

We let you discover it on our e-shop as well as at the Debongout showroom, 4 rue Martel, Paris 10th 🐶✨