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Terracotta passion

The terracotta color, a fashion effect a few years ago, is now a classic in decoration . This solar tint with different shades is ideal for bringing character to a space. We love its soft and warm side, at the crossroads of brown and orange. Shades to choose from, colors and materials to combine, we tell you more.

Choose the perfect shade

Terracotta means "terracotta" in Italian. This term designates the color but also the material of the pottery. And yes, right away, it makes you travel… and that's what we like the most! This is why we have chosen it as the main color of our new Lovers collection , perfectly reflecting the warm and comforting atmosphere that we wanted to convey.

There are many variations of terracotta, which gives it all its charm. They vary from clay beige to brick red, passing through rust, ochre, orange and old rose. All have one thing in common: they come from the colors of the earth , which gives them a warm and natural note. For an ethnic decoration, terracotta is the color for you.

Create the right mix of colors

Terracotta being a natural color, it will go very well with other shades of the same kind. Beige and taupe, for example, are ideal for softening furniture or a terracotta wall. One highlights the other , creating a nice contrast.

For a feminine and cozy decoration, add a few small touches of orange or soft pink, for accessories ( cushions or a basket for example). You will get the perfect shades .

But our favorite ally remains green. This shade (natural as you wish) works perfectly with terracotta, whatever its shade. An English, emerald, almond or forest green will particularly highlight wine tones.

Combine the right materials

For a perfect atmosphere of ethnic inspirations, the materials are as important as the colors. Opt for natural (that's good, we love it!) like wood, rattan, wicker or even linen.

Our Auguste armchair in leather and recycled teak will be the perfect piece of furniture to position in front of a beautiful terracotta wall. Add a small Léonie wooden coffee table and a few glass soliflores or stoneware crockery , the perfect combo. And for the final touch, our Apolline illustrations thought out in these warm tones will compose your decoration with delicacy.