Pas de soldes, mais des prix justes toute l'année ! - Debongout

No sales, but fair prices all year round!

At a time when the majority of retail decoration brands are displaying reduced prices on their old collections, we wanted to explain to you why at Debongout, we will not be offering sales. Neither this year nor the others. The (nice) compensation is fair, thoughtful and justified prices, throughout the year . It's still better isn't it?

At Debongout, we offer small collections every two months. Un matin d'Avent , Back to Cool , Golden Hour ... Each of them is made up of unique second-hand items and small series of new products . On your side, you therefore benefit from pretty pieces promising you an exclusive (or almost) and personalized decoration. From ours, this allows us to never have stock to sell at the end of the season.

What we also promise are fair and justified prices throughout the year. One of our criteria when we design a collection is to be able to offer you prices that are always affordable so that you can change the decor as you wish! A vase at Debongout costs between €15 and €59 depending on its size. We are committed, when possible, to choosing products entirely made in Europe, such as our Philippe and Rafael vases, made in Portugal. Our Odile bedside tables, unique pieces of character that have survived the ages, cost an average of €139. And our Eddy kilim rugs, hand-woven in Afghanistan in 100% wool , all different in size, colors and patterns are offered to you at 359€ on average... which is cheaper than in a major Swedish brand 😉✨