Nos lampes Colette sont de retour… - Debongout

Our Colette lamps are back...

You've loved them since the very beginning of the Debongout adventure... good news, we have new Colette lamps to offer you, and they are even more beautiful ! Their preciously mottled glass globe makes them unique and adds to their charm. This is the perfect opportunity to tell you a little more about this new retro trend. The small table lamp to adopt this season to highlight the bedroom or living room, that's it!

A little history of these essentials

These retro lamps are composed of a small golden brass foot surmounted by a vintage globe. At the time, these transparent glass globes adorned kerosene lamps and other light fixtures that seemed obsolete to us at the time... Delicately enhanced by a fine, worked base, as well as a braided fabric thread, they now reveal their full allure. Each glassware is unearthed during our travels and unlike any other . Chiseled, sandblasted, speckled, adorned with fine golden details… They all have their little particularity. But our little favorites remain the Clichy glass globes and their pretty pastel shades. Original as you wish!

Our Colette lamps are assembled in France, by craftsmen who rethink their look but also their perfectly modernized electrical system. A fine example of French upcycling .

We love their fully assumed little vintage look, like a pretty granny who inspires us every day. Colette works just as well in a modern, clean-lined interior, as it does alongside other old pieces .

How to highlight them in your interior?

If you are looking for a small vintage element to integrate into your decoration, consider our Colette. They bring a touch of authenticity which will go very well with all styles of decoration. These small lamps find their place on a beautiful piece of furniture, a fireplace or a wall shelf and are enough to illuminate the space (in every sense of the word)!

We can easily imagine a Colette on a beautiful wooden sideboard, alongside a few other well-chosen decorations: a duo of soliflores or a beautiful drawing For example. You can also adopt it as a bedside lamp , to be installed on a small wooden bench with vintage looks or on the contrary on a small more modern piece of furniture. The mix of styles will create a perfect contrast.

Colette has become one of our timeless products , so you can discover them throughout the year. And stay tuned, there are new ones coming in a few days...