Our 10 gift ideas for Christmas!

Every year from the beginning of December, we all ask ourselves the same question: what gifts to give for Christmas? Original, useful, durable, affordable… but above all, which enchants the person who will receive it. To help you in this endless quest, Debongout offers you a small selection of the ideal gifts to offer (or to receive).

The main advantage of the decorative gift is that it does not go out of fashion. It easily takes place in its home, alongside the other furniture and accessories that make up the interior. In the living room, the bedroom, the hallway, the kitchen... there is little chance that it will not find its place!

Timeless gifts...

A beautiful lady-Jeanne is the ideal gift, easy to adopt (and the one everyone secretly dreams of) to personalize their decoration .

In the same style, there is no risk of going wrong by offering one or two small soliflores, like our Octave , Hector and Aristide , as original as you want and at low prices (between 9 and 15€)!

Another timeless, the bouquet of dried flowers . It lasts a lifetime, does not lose its petals and stylishly dresses a marble fireplace or the chest of drawers in a child's room.

For fans of dinner with friends, consider our sets of Nestor wine and water glasses (€19 per set), made from thin glass for a very elegant look, and a remarkable party table !

Our favorites…

Our favorite little ones, the ones we would like to give as much as receive, it's them! Boris, our very soft sheepskin is very practical for warming up winter evenings . Completely timeless, it will follow its lucky owner all his life, on an armchair, a bench or directly on the floor.

Luna, the disco ball (€19), is the perfect little accessory to treat yourself to some glitter at home at the slightest ray of sunshine and liven up your evenings, a perfect gift to lift your spirits!

Personalized ideas...

As beautiful in the kitchen as in the living room for aperitifs, think of our Noa walnut cutting boards , handmade by a Périgord craftsman. Unique pieces thanks to the natural design of the wood , they exist in three sizes, for a perfectly personalized gift (from 39€).

Finally, make people happy with a beautiful framed photo , quote or illustration . Attached to the wall or placed on the floor, it's the little inspiring decorative touch that makes all the difference.

Lots of other gift ideas await you in our Christmas Pop-up 🌲✨ Come and warm up at 47 rue de Lancry, Paris 10th , Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. We look forward to meeting you!