Bienvenue chez Morgane, architecte d’intérieur - Debongout

Welcome to Morgane, interior designer

This week, Morgane Chaplain, interior designer, welcomes us to her sublime apartment in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. As soon as we entered, we fell in love with this former dance studio, completely renovated to become a living space! Here, Morgane's entire universe blends together in a warm and bright atmosphere. A beautiful space to accommodate all her little family: her husband, her three children, but also Biscotte, her little four-legged friend. We let you discover…

Morgan, can you introduce yourself?

I am a 36 year old architect. I have been working for 5 years more particularly in interior architecture. My parents passed on to me an interest in beautiful spaces, decoration and vintage furniture. I am also the proud mother of 3 children!

Where are we today?

We are in our apartment, the complete renovation of which was completed this summer! A Haussmannian apartment, completely in its own juice , for which we had a crush and immediately saw the potential!

What were your first desires to decorate your interior?

Our desires have been the same for a while: a white and neutral shell on which we come to bring our vintage finds.

How did you furnish and accessorize it?

We have been keen for a while to invest in furniture that we will keep for a long time. We really like the wood, the Scandinavian design. We identify pieces, we think and we invest when we are sure that we need them and that we will like them in several years! No compulsive purchase of "trendy" furniture!!

Where do you find your inspirations?

It's hard to say... We find our inspiration in everything that surrounds us, and necessarily in a lot of media that transcribe beautiful interiors.

What place does the flea market occupy in your interior?

An important place! We have been hunting for a long time, small and large furniture and decorative items. Sometimes too much, that's why we opened an online flea market because we couldn't keep everything!

What is your favorite antique piece?

There are plenty ! Our cocoon suspension, our togo and a carved wooden empty pockets, for example.

What is the room in your home where you like to spend the most time?

I love our double living room, with its large windows and stained glass windows.

What is your favorite piece of furniture?

The seats, there are so many! Sofa, armchair, fireside chair, meridian...

What is your favorite piece from Debongout?

I have a crush on marble coffee tables and I love chiselled glasses !

What do you think is good taste?

Good taste is hard to define... For me, it means daring and asserting what you like , what you feel good about. It is therefore specific to each and there are plenty of them!