Pourquoi choisir un miroir Louis Philippe ? - Debongout

Why choose a Louis Philippe mirror?

Retro and chic, the old golden mirror gives character to our interiors. Among them, the Louis Philippe mirror is our favourite! A piece of choice that we wanted to tell you more about...

Did you know ? The first mirrors date from 6,000 BC!
For the record, it was under Louis XIV, the Sun King, that the mirror with the gold frame appeared and became fashionable throughout his reign. It enjoyed new success in the middle of the 19th century with less imposing and more original frames, at a time when France was manufacturing its own mirror factory directed by the master glassmaker Colbert. The know-how is such that it surpasses that of the Italians, by their dimensions and their remarkable quality. It is our pride all the way to the Palace of Versailles in its Hall of Mirrors!

Long reserved for fine homes, antique mirrors now adorn the most modest houses and apartments. A nice revenge that we owe to the Louis-Philippe mirror. A little-known monarch who offers us an accessible and trendy heritage. During his reign, a bourgeois style developed, less concerned with originality than with comfort, with models without pediments. With simplicity but authenticity, the Louis Philippe mirror is distinguished by the top of the rounded frame and the sober lines in molded and gilded wood. Pearls or acanthus leaves can underline the cornice.

Today, the old golden mirror is definitely a must. As a reminder of the history of France, it brings an old decoration to contemporary interiors , offering a contrast as we love them at Debongout!

Obviously, we immediately think of the period fireplace to make a Louis Philippe mirror triumph. But it can also be placed on a piece of furniture or on the floor in a living room or in the bedroom to enlarge the room, offering a little theatrical side in passing!

Large, oval or rectangular, discover our selection of golden mirrors, for all tastes and all interiors.