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Summer flea markets: hunt all over France

The holidays are the perfect time to take the time to go to a few flea markets and go in search of second-hand products with the perfect patina. It is also an opportunity to meet its passionate second-hand dealers to learn more about the history of certain iconic vintage pieces such as the Dame Jeanne or the old mirror.

Debongout offers you this week some flea markets to discover on your vacation spot, the perfect opportunity to find your next decorative nuggets to give a unique style, a story and a soul to your decoration!

All the summer flea markets to find your unique decorative pieces

Flea markets in the PACA region

apartment therapy flea market lyon summer flea markets vintage flea markets buy second hand flea markets paris.jpeg
credits: @apartmenttherapy

If you are traveling in the PACA region, take advantage of the fine weather to visit second-hand shops and unearth unique pieces. Between two fougasses, take inspiration from the decorative elements found at flea markets to imagine your new interior:

  • Professional flea market of the brague in Antibes
  • Brocante - Antiques - Collections Professional flea market in Menton
  • Brocantes Pro in Lorgues
  • The Nice Flea Market “Professional Flea Market” in Nice
  • Mixed flea market and decoration in Roquebrune-sur-Argens
  • Flea market, creation, decoration in Salernes
  • Flea market in Aix-en-Provence
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Garage sale - Flea market in Andon
  • Professional flea market at Place Nationale in Antibes
  • Prado flea market in Marseille
  • The Nice Flea Market “Professional Flea Market” in Nice
  • Antiques market, professional flea market in Sanary-sur-Mer

Normandy flea markets

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credits: @lecultivator

Before strolling on the beaches of Normandy, enjoy a moment of relaxation to find the unique piece that will give all its charm to your decor.:

  • Brocante Saint Marc Right Bank in Rouen
  • Flea market of the Banque de France in Vernon
  • Walled Flea Market in Rouen
  • Antique flea market the mill flea market in Neaufles-Saint-Martin
  • The monthly flea market in Deauville

The flea markets of the south-west

credits: @pinterest

The south-west seduces us with the diversity of its landscapes, but where to go to find your next lady Jeanne or your farm bench in memory of these unforgettable holidays?

  • Beautiful Cap Ferret flea market Professional unpacking in Lège-Cap-Ferret
  • Gathering of collectors in Lège-Cap-Ferret
  • Pyla sur mer flea market at La Teste-de-Buch
  • Gathering of collectors in Arès
  • The Quintaou flea market in Anglet
  • Flea market in Cambo-les-bains

Flea markets in Lyon

flea market corinne flea market lyon flea markets in summer flea markets buy second hand flea markets in Paris
credits: @brocante_corinne_puces

Lyon and its surroundings are known for the wealth of flea markets throughout the year. Indeed, installed annually, second-hand dealers offer their finds whether they are from famous designers or with a unique patina.

  • The Canal flea market in Lyon
  • The second-hand goods village in Tignieu-Jameyzieu

Flea markets in the Paris region

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credits: @housebeautiful

During the summer period, the Paris region calms down to make way for drinks on the terrace and tourist walks. Include in your program a visit to one of the summer flea markets. You will discover the Parisian atmosphere from another angle. Between stories and vintage decor, travel while staying in Paris:

  • Antiquities pro ports Montebello and Tournelle
  • Stamp and postcard market
  • Aligre chips
  • Antiquities Professional Flea Market Rue de Reuilly
  • Free market of Panama
  • Vanves flea market
  • Jourdan and Brune flea market
  • Brocantes Avenue de Breteuil
  • Broc'dèj at the Recyclerie
  • Garage sale on rue des Pyrénées
  • Garage sale at the Popul'air
  • The Brocante - Richard-Lenoir garage sales
  • The Tremblay Park Flea Market
  • The flea market of the rue de Bretagne
  • The Sablons flea market in Neuilly-sur-Seine

To go further, download the Brocabrac application. You will thus have all the information concerning these events.