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Three Instagram accounts to follow

Instagram, this wonderful social network where photos and videos immerse us in lives and universes as addictive as a good Netflix series. The discoveries are numerous but it is also easy to get lost. To guide you, I have chosen to offer you a selection of 3 decoration & lifestyle accounts to follow.


lovely pole instagram debongout
The row of rooms from Vincent's farm <3

The work of Vincent's superb Percheron farmhouse no longer holds any secrets for his followers, whose advice is regularly requested. What a wonder to see, day after day, this future place of event and accommodation taking shape!

With humour, Vincent tells us about his finds, his (very) good bargain-hunters and gives some good decoration ideas that can inspire you. A great adventure of reconversion and renovation to follow.

For Vincent, good taste is:
"An object that tells a story, that has lived, that is imperfect, and that we want to photograph"

Her most beautiful decorative find:

"One piece I love is this bust. An art school student essay"


TheBruneIn's dream figure

Discover the world of Christelle, this French expatriate in London.

She makes us live her daily life through her sober looks, her refined interior and her walks in London. The dress code of the feed? black, white and a few skillfully selected touches of color.

I love the mix of her couture pieces associated with those unearthed in our flagship stores, for always chic and sophisticated looks that make me think of an Audrey Hepburn SO 2019!

Good taste according to TheBruneIn?
"Definitely less is more! sleek, minimalist, beautiful cotton/linen/cashmere materials, soft/neutral colors."

Her best decoration find?

Her favorite decorative objects: Her little mottled mirrors, a little horse and her mother's corals. (China too)


A few Chinese pearls from Marie

One of my favorite accounts for the quality of the finds unearthed by this talented flea market.

Beyond Marie's china, you will be able to appreciate her stagings which make you appreciate the beautiful chic and rustic patinas of the furniture presented. We would like to have them all at home! So you have to be quick if you see a piece you like, because so soon posted so soon sold!

Good taste according to Marie?
"For me in decoration, there is no rule, the mixture of several eras and styles pleases me a lot, bad taste would be the total style."

Her best decoration find?

"I would say that the most beautiful has not yet passed through my hands!
More concretely, the peacock rattan bench 👌 but there are so many of them, I have always hunted... "