Jeanne, notre nouvelle chaise cannée parfaite ! - Debongout

Jeanne, our new perfect caned chair!

A little news has arrived at Debongout... our Jeanne chair is our new creation ⚡ After Jean the armchair , we wanted to offer you its little sister, the Jeanne chair . The one that accompanies you for a lifetime and evolves in your interior to the rhythm of your desires, in short, the perfect chair!

It sits around the dining table alongside other more vintage seats, in front of the desk or simply displayed as a strong piece in the corner of a bedroom . Jeanne also has the advantage of folding (and even better, of being elegant once folded 😎), very practical when you run out of space or when you want to change the decor.

Like the Jean armchair, the Jeanne chair is made by our craftsmen in Indonesia. It is made of solid teak and hand-woven natural rattan cane . The combination of these two natural materials creates the perfect contrast for a chic and timeless chair.

With its wide and stable seat and slightly curved backrest, Jeanne is extremely comfortable. We are perfectly installed there, the time of a dinner or an afternoon of work. Jeanne is available in two finishes: one with the teak backrest and the other with the cane backrest . You can mix the models according to your desires ✨ and even associate them with old chairs for the perfect match!

Our Jeanne chair is available now for pre-order 🍀 at the exceptional price of €219 (instead of €259) with delivery scheduled for mid-July. She is waiting for you!