Nos idées cadeaux à offrir lors d’un dîner ! - Debongout

Our gift ideas to offer during a dinner!

With family, friends... You are soon invited to a dinner and want to bring a small gift but you don't know what to give? Don't panic, we have prepared a small selection of products for you today to please your loved ones. Candles, cutting boards, posters, vases… There will be something for every taste and every budget.

To illuminate an interior and please your guests, there's nothing like a pretty candle! Brune and Jeannette the scented candles, Jade the tricolor candle, Greta the set of large twisted candles… They are easy to adopt, to display and will immediately bring charm to a room. In the living room, in a bedroom or in an office, these candles will create a warm and cocooning atmosphere.

Must haves for the evenings, our Noa cutting boards invite you to share around a good drink. Handmade in Périgord by a passionate craftsman, they are carved from solid walnut. Together, they also form a beautiful set to decorate a kitchen. And the little extra: each piece is unique in its colors and wood grain!

For an original and personalized gift, offer one of our posters! Michelle the inspirational quote, Don the abstract illustration, Mathilde the colorful illustration with pretty French landscapes… These elegant posters go with any type of interior and decoration. And don't hesitate to mix styles for an original result.

Our Milo , Elias or even Nikola vases will find a place of choice on fireplaces or furniture. You can also opt for a Lady Jeanne. An essential item for the prettiest interiors of the moment, it will bring a bohemian touch to an interior. They are self-sufficient, placed on a piece of furniture or even directly on the ground , but are also very pretty embellished with eucalyptus leaves, pampas grass and any other dried flowers , like Romain, our pretty bouquet.