Food, lifestyle et chasseurs d’intérieurs, découvrez les univers déco de Sweet Cabane, Amandine et Jules et Julie Maurence - Debongout

Food, lifestyle and interior hunters, discover the decorative worlds of Sweet Cabane, Amandine and Jules and Julie Maurence

This week, we're talking decoration through the feeds of three photography pros. Three totally different prisms that make us discover their vision of decoration. That of Sweet Cabane in her poetic lifestyle, that of Amandine and Jules, the interior hunters and that of Julie Maurence who creates the decor around our plates. Here are the three accounts to follow for the week.

Instagram, this wonderful social network where photos and videos immerse us in lives and universes as addictive as a good Netflix series. The discoveries are numerous but it is also easy to get lost. To guide you, I offer you a selection of 3decoration & lifestyle accounts to follow.

@ SweetCabane , romantic chic.

"Daily poetry" probably best sums up the account of Emilie Roncal alias Sweet Cabane. Yes, it is with poetry that this professional photographer tells us about her daily life thanks to her Instagram account and her blog.

This jack-of-all-trades mom shares her family life in Paris and her discoveries with us in a simple, chic and romantic spirit.

Emilie also teaches us photography through workshops that she leads regularly. But be careful, they risk being more and more spaced out since Emilie and her little family will be settled in San Francisco at the end of the month.

Discovering this city through his eyes is bound to be a pleasant surprise! We can't wait to discover Sweet Cabane, SF version, so bon voyage Emilie !

Direction San Fransico 🇺🇸

Good taste according to @SweetCabane

Mix objects that represent his personality, but without excess, in a harmony of rather neutral tones

Her most beautiful decorative find

A small piece of raw wood furniture that I use to store my dishes. Found on pop-up Milk in spring 2018!

His favorite piece Debongout

The Colette lamp , so delicate and poetic!!

@Julie_Maurence , the feed that is eaten with the eyes.

Floral macaroons for @Ladurée

This is another form of decoration that I am talking about here. Well, I warn you, you might get your mouth watering, but it's so beautiful that it's a shame to deprive yourself of it.

Here is the account of Julie Maurence, food stylist. Its job is to create universes around its customers' products: super flowery at Ladurée, graphic for Fauchon or rustic for a string of cheeses.

In short, with his photographer partner, they put us in the spotlight!

I let you inspire you for your next tables, so that even your cocotte eggs no longer have to blush...

Good taste according to @Julie_Maurence

Being able to let your emotions speak, by making choices that reflect your personality

Her most beautiful decorative find

A plate from my collection sleeping in my dresser 💕

His favorite piece Debongout

Noa boards , ideal for enhancing your aperitifs

@Amandine__Jules , interior hunters

A couple, a complementarity and a shared passion for decoration so they made it their job.

Amandine and Jules hunt for a whole different kind of nuggets, “homes sweet homes” that inspire dreams and that they sublimate through their work. One writes, the other photographs.

You have most certainly leafed through their reports in a few decoration magazines, since once they have been produced, they are published by our various paper referents.

So a piece of advice, I invite you to follow them now to have the freshness of their places of inspiration and to experience with them the beauty of each of their discoveries.

Good taste according to @Amandine__Jule s

The interiors that we prefer are those in which everything seems to be an evidence of styles, without anything primed, nor "copy and paste" Pinterest! In fashion as in decoration, “good taste” is innate, personal and free from any diktat.

Their most beautiful decorative find

In our profession, our most beautiful decorative finds are when we come across an interior to die for, making you want to pull out the camera instantly! Our search for beautiful places to photograph can be likened to a treasure hunt. One of our best discoveries was the house in the Basque Country of Constance.

Their favorite piece Debongout

We really like the retro brass and glass lamps which make perfect bedside lamps and also find their place in a living room.