Fleurs séchées : la décoration facile à adopter - Debongout

Dried flowers: the easy-to-adopt decoration

The trend of dried flowers has become essential in interior decoration. This success is explained by their assumed vintage style but above all by their practical side. No need to change the bouquet every week, the dried flowers are faithful to you, durable over time and adapt to all styles of decoration.

The perfect little bohemian touch

Faded flowers bring a note of nature and freshness to your interior. Whether in neutral or bright colors, they adapt to all rooms by bringing a bohemian and rural touch.

The advantage with decorating is that there are no precise rules, the main thing is to trust each other! Follow your inspirations, your originality and your desires to obtain an interior decoration that suits you. Whatever your choices, dried flowers adapt easily. Minimalist vase, demijohn , hanging basket... It's up to you to imagine the most beautiful combinations to showcase your dried flowers.

Some ideas to decorate your interior

Easy to stage, several decorative ideas exist to adopt dried flowers in your interior. Here are a few to highlight:

_ Display a few stems only, in a beautiful demijohn or in a small soliflore like Hector or Octave .

_ Create wreaths of dried flowers, ideal to put on the wall or on a door, in a child's room for example.

_ Wilted flowers can also be hung directly on the wall as a garland .

_ Take advantage of the charm of your favorite flowers by delicately putting them under a bell jar.

_ As a table decoration, flowers will add a special touch. Depending on the desired style, arrange a few dried flowers on the table, on the menu or on the napkins.

Take the freedom to undo the bouquets and create new compositions. This is what will make your decoration unique! Symbol of freshness and nature, your flowers can be placed in your living room as well as in your dining room, your bedroom or even your bathroom for an atmosphere that is always soothing and warm.

Techniques for storing dried flowers

Easy to maintain, dried flowers do not require any special maintenance . Nevertheless, there are some techniques to keep them as long as possible. Place them away from direct sunlight and humidity. In the dry, use a feather duster or a soft cloth to dust them. To avoid damaging them, you can also remove dust with a simple blow of the hair dryer with cold air.

Flowers to dry at home

You can also dry flowers directly at home. You will be able to keep your favorite bouquets for several months. Here are the flowers you can dry easily:

  • roses
  • peonies
  • hydrangeas
  • dahlias
  • lavender
  • eucalyptus
  • cotton flower branches
  • blue thistle
  • pampas grass
  • gypsophila
  • strands of wheat
  • yarrow
  • craspedias
  • statices