Endless Summer, notre nouvelle collection de rentrée ! - Debongout

Endless Summer, our new back-to-school collection!

What ? Is it already the end of summer? No way ! At Debongout, we extend for a few more weeks the last rays that come to warm our interior and for that we invite ourselves into the living room of Laetitia ( Billie Blanket herself 😏) with the good holiday tunes.

Endless summer is Laetitia's idea. She revisits the living room of her childhood with her unique 70's colors and shapes! Here is Ludo the vase, Bonnie the lamp or even Yvan the couch, the perfect mix of new and heather with Debongout sauce of course ✨
In this new school year, we are bringing pep and good humor to your home!

Thought around the living room, we went to tap into the audacious and sophisticated spirit of the 70s . It's a mix and match of shapes, materials and colors that will blend perfectly with your current decor.

Big novelty this season, we have created our own daybed, the centerpiece of this collection. We present to you Yvan and his 2m15 of pure elegance. Its wooden structure made of solid teak and its 100% cotton cushions (with the perfect density!) offer a unique rendering, entirely imagined by Debongout. A revisited sofa made of an ultra-sophisticated line to remind us of the origins of minimal vintage. On its shelf, you leave your glass for the evening and in the afternoon, you lie down.

Alongside it, we have chosen a ceramic tile stand designed by hand (and with love) by Studio Gaïa. She brings the daring touch that will make the difference: it's Ella , our new favorite little one!


No seventies spirit without wool fabric! Our Serge textured cushion goes perfectly with our soft touch Donovan cushion, they are the perfect accessories to set the tone for your living room.

Another essential of retro decoration, the smoked mirror. Ours, named Yves , takes on organic shapes that make us capsize… Alone or as a duo, you will easily find it a place of choice to embellish your walls.

Bruno , Eric and Ludovic , our new decorative vases will be the chic assets of your interiors and will make an impression with their very own design. They will enhance your prettiest floral arrangements throughout the seasons throughout the room.



We have hunted down essential pieces in the pure seventies inspiration and we love it! Our Donna tables, our Henriette sideboards or our Patrice ashtrays are Endless Summer's timeless products.

Finally, as for each collection, we wanted to collaborate with craftsmen or artists whose work we particularly like. We have chosen illustrations that are inspired by divinely 70's shapes and colors. The combination of the 3 Sabine models perfectly complete the graphic and sophisticated atmosphere that we wanted for this back-to-school collection.

We are also very proud of our new Marie-Lou portable lamps made in France with lampshades spun in natural wool and organic cotton. This unique and very limited edition was designed exclusively for Debongout 🤩

...Here's something to complete your decor! We won't tell you more, we'll let you discover our new Endless Summer collection on our e-shop as well as at the Debongout showroom, 4 rue Martel, Paris 10th 🐶✨