Découvrez nos luminaires neufs Debongout - Debongout

Discover our new Debongout lights

At Debongout, we have a wide selection of brand new lights to light up every room in the house. We choose them with care and particularly like their very own style. If you have missed one of them, we summarize everything and we also give you some advice on how to best showcase them in your interior.

Estelle , the designer lamp

Estelle is the perfect lamp for your decor. With its cream colored metal dome and base, it brings a contemporary touch to your living room, bedroom or office. The ideal luminaire for an interior full of elegance. Find it a place of choice, it has to be noticed!

Estelle is also available in gold and black .

To enhance your Estelle lamp, do not hesitate to install it as a bedside lamp. Put it on one of our Odile bedside tables for a nice look in your bedroom. You can also place it on one of our Edouard desks or one of our vintage Romy tables for a nice mix & match effect. The Estelle lamp can also be placed on one of our Mireille cane boxes for a nice mix of styles.

Corinne , the raffia lamp

Our Corinne lamp is the ideal accessory for a successful decoration. Its original design entirely made of raffia and embellished with a black and white fabric cable make it a remarkable piece. We love its bohemian and sophisticated look at the same time , ideal for any room in the house.

Corinne the raffia lamp will be perfect on a stool next to our Achille armchair, to bring a country house spirit to the room. It can also be placed on the corner of a desk or on a fireplace. Corinne is also very pretty as a bedside lamp.

Léana , the terracotta lamp

This is the latest in the collection! With its metallic base and its terracotta color, Léana brings an elegant and trendy side to the room, while adding a little touch of color. Our new lamp is the essential element to place at home to bring warmth and style to its interior.

Placed on the corner of a desk or just displayed on a piece of furniture, our Léana lamp does not go unnoticed. For an elegant and trendy look , place it on our Margaret sideboard, next to some Calisse vases. If you want to mix styles, it can also be placed on one of our antique Louise dressing tables.

Bonnie , the brass lamp

Bonnie is one of our favorite table lamps ! Elegant with its brushed brass foot, it diffuses a soft light thanks to its cotton lampshade. This lamp will enhance your room with a chic touch , and that, we can't get enough of it!

To enhance your Bonnie lamp, install it on one of our Romy tables, one of our Edouard desks or one of our Lucienne trunks! You can also put it next to our vases for a nice decoration. Ludovic the ceramic vase, Aldo the earthenware vase or Elio the glass vase will be the perfect accessories to install alongside it.