Bloom, notre collection de printemps ! - Debongout

Bloom, our spring collection!

The first rays of the sun appear through the window, the table is delicately set, it's time for brunch at Debongout! Bright colors, natural materials and summer flowers, spring is coming to your home with this new collection designed under the sign of blossoming . We revisit its interior by adopting the right furniture and accessories, those which will give a new look to the living room or the dining room thanks to their singularity.

The arrival of fine weather heralds a renewal. Take advantage of sunny days by opening the windows wide, reinvent your interior by adding color and light and of course feel good at home and enjoy it with friends or family. We designed our new Bloom collection around the dining room, this space so conducive to conviviality.

The dining table, the centerpiece around which we like to gather , is covered with our Anastasia linen tablecloth made in Lithuania. Also match it with the napkins of the same name for a perfect table decoration. To add color, we chose ceramic plates made in Portugal. A navy blue and a soft caramel, enhanced by their speckled appearance, we fell in love with these little wonders!

This season, marble cutting boards steal the show from our famous Noa (and pair beautifully with them). Our Rosa are handcrafted in a workshop in the south of France . An object as useful as it is beautiful to display on the table or on a worktop. Finally, bet on a large glass carafe with a leopard pattern (what we prefer is their all-round stopper), which can also be placed on the sideboard or the fireplace as a decorative object that we love to admire every day.

For this Bloom spring collection, we wanted color , in small touches and everywhere... On the floor with our new modern wool beloutch rugs , which have the particularity of being knotted (and not woven). But also on the table with our bouquet of dried and stabilized flowers in dazzling hues designed in collaboration with The Blond Cactus . As well as on our mottled chairs, which we wanted to be even more comfortable thanks to Marin , the shell cushion available in deep blue and pale pink.

Finally, our new decorative objects bring your interior to life. Our glass vases take place on the table or the buffet, our Tobias and Alicia dried flower rings adorn the walls and Françoise the jewelry box is finally back! A little final touch: our three quotes from inspiring women… we won't tell you more, we'll let you discover them.

Each object finds its place, creating the spring atmosphere we all dream of 🍀☀️ Discover our entire new Bloom collection on our eshop and at the Debongout showroom, 4 rue Martel, Paris 10th !