Comment créer une jolie décoration d'extérieur pour l'été ? - Debongout

How to create a pretty outdoor decoration for the summer?

With the arrival of fine weather, the exterior becomes a living room in its own right. We have lunch there, we rest there, we receive family and friends and we quietly enjoy the softness of the sun's rays . Whether your exterior is small or large, you can make it a real cocoon with the right furniture and accessories. Debongout gives you some great ideas.

The right lighting = essential!

To make the most of your exterior, even in the evening, lighting is very important. Create a soft and pleasant atmosphere by accumulating small light sources . A big light string guinguette style to be placed under the pergola or smaller ones to be placed on the table, on the ground or even in a demijohn. They will offer warm and friendly lighting, intense but not too much, just what you need to enjoy your dinners.

You can also bet on large suspensions in natural materials, the perfect element for a decoration with bohemian notes. Do not forget the candles to be placed in different places, essential for the final touch.

Comfortable (and stylish) furniture

The essential to enjoy its exterior from morning to evening is the garden furniture. Our favorites are those made of natural materials such as bamboo or rattan, like our Nadine coffee tables . The perfect element to create a pretty bohemian decoration . At his side, let yourself be tempted by different seats. Leather poufs for example for a small ethnic touch, but also very simple wooden benches , stools in natural fibers or large cushions to be installed directly on the floor.

You can also add a cot as a bench seat. Vintage style, neutral colour, solid fabric, we like it just as well as accompanied by a dozen linen cushions to make it even cozier.

Accessories that transform the atmosphere

No pleasant atmosphere without well thought out decoration! Imagine a universe that resembles you in which you will feel good. Accumulate demijohns of different colors, vases of all sizes and other accessories with a unique style for a nice look. Our large pink Rafaël vases , our Marius in glass and wood, our White paper baskets … So many original accessories to compose your outdoor decor.

To create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, also install one or more rugs on the floor and pile up the cushions (mismatched is even better).

Also add some touches of vegetation . Many possibilities are available to you to highlight them: terracotta pots or pretty baskets as cache-pots, suspended versions or even a green wall. You can also bet on dried flowers or palm leaves , which have the advantage of not requiring maintenance.

You have all our advice for spending the best summer evenings, it's up to you! And show us your most beautiful atmospheres thanks to #debongoutchezmoi 💫