Comment mettre en valeur nos tables de chevet vintage dans votre intérieur ? - Debongout

How to highlight our vintage bedside tables in your interior?

Odile, these are our favorite little bedside tables! Chic and timeless, our Odiles accompany you throughout your life and find their place in all the rooms of the house. They evolve in your interior to the rhythm of your desires and bring the sought-after vintage touch. It's the little extra piece of furniture that inevitably contributes to an authentic decor!
We love our selection of Odile tables for their naturalness as well as for the charm of their marble. More than a piece of furniture, the bedside table is a real decorative object! To better imagine it at home, here are some tips that will allow you to highlight it.

In the bedroom

In a bedroom, the bedside table naturally invites itself next to the bed to provide a space that is both practical and aesthetic. Choose two identical models for a chic decor or bet on mismatched models to be original! We put a Colette lamp or an Aldo vase on it to enhance their look and we install everything we need within easy reach.

In a hallway or entrance

The Odile bedside table goes easily into a hallway or an entrance while giving the possibility of putting down your keys, a photo frame of your loved ones (the best welcome after a long day!) or a mirror for a last reflection before leaving. Here, we prefer Odile with marble to bring all the deserved charm to this space!

In the living room

In the living room, the bedside table has its place as a small piece of extra furniture near the sofa or in a decorative corner. Take into account the decoration of the living room to choose your Odile. Select it carefully because it will finalize the decoration of your interior!

Odile bedside tables are ideal combined with a Kilim rug or our Maxence vases to create the perfect mix of new and mottled as we like. Discover them all on our e-shop ! :)