Le château de Beaudesert, notre dernier projet pro - Debongout

Beaudesert Castle, our latest professional project

A castle in the south of France of more than 400m2 to be completely redeveloped... This building with its incredible volumes just lacked a little touch of charm and warmth. Rethinking the living spaces, making the kitchen practical and friendly, fitting out and personalizing each of the 5 bedrooms, all while mixing new and second hand, obviously, this is Debongout's mission! Shall we show you?

This 18th century residence nestled in the heart of a 50 hectare green setting is located in the Toulouse region, not far from Montauban. Its owner wanted to redevelop his entire interior, from the living room to the bedrooms, including the entrance and the kitchen. His desire to feel as good as possible: to dress the different spaces with a mix of new and second-hand pieces, in order to bring this truly exceptional interior to life.

From the entrance, we wanted to warm up the atmosphere of these large tiled rooms while retaining the chic countryside spirit of the place . In the living room, we created a whole atmosphere starting from scratch, in always natural tones. The main element: three Salomé marble coffee tables surrounded by a white linen sofa and a charming vintage wooden bench. A billiard table and a grand piano complete this large space.

The kitchen had to be more practical and welcoming in order to be able to offer the possibility of making large dinners. Staying in natural tones, we mixed new and vintage furniture to preserve the soul of the place . An exceptional butcher block as a buffet, a farm table surrounded by benches and chairs and above, several vintage pendant lights to dress up the high ceilings.

As for the rooms, each space deserved to be redesigned and personalized in order to give each one its own style. One of them has been transformed into an old-fashioned bedroom-style dormitory, in order to accommodate several children. Three identical beds accompanied by their small bench, vintage bedside tables and a large vintage poster adorns the wall. On the other side of the room, a relaxation area with antique coffee table, bench and antique armchairs.

Each of the other rooms has been worked on to retain its vintage soul . We wanted to highlight the spaces, the details and the floral wallpapers thanks to the good choice of furniture and decorative accessories . Old chest of drawers and vintage desk , caned chair , new vases and storage boxes… the perfect mix!
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