Bienvenue chez Quitterie de Mise en Scène - Partie 1 - Debongout

Welcome to Quitterie de Mise en Scène - Part 1

We had wanted to go for a little trip to Quitterie for a long time… and we were not disappointed with the trip! Quitterie, an interior designer better known as Mise en Scène on Instagram (and whose every inspiration we have adored since the beginning), welcomed us to her sublime house in the Paris suburbs. One of our most beautiful visits, which we have decided to show you twice, there are so many beautiful things to admire ... and also to make the pleasure last! Today, stroll through the large and bright living room opening onto the garden, including the living room, the dining room and the open kitchen... We keep the floors with the master suite, guest bedroom and bedrooms for you. children very soon. Good visit !

Quit, can you introduce yourself?

I am Pascal's Quitterie. I founded a small interior decoration and architecture agency a little over 4 years ago. Today, we mainly carry out large complete renovation projects with always an interior decoration service for individuals. We are in my house where I live with my husband and our 3 children, Léopold 6 years old, Marius 4 years old and a 1 year old little Ysée. And just at the bottom of the garden, my professional life is not far away, since I set up my interior design agency in the old garage.

What were your first desires for your interior?

I really wanted to design this house with a spirit of travel so that I could feel at home, like on vacation. My own way of getting away from Parisian life through materials and colors. I renovated everything there, from A to Z. I really did a lot of work, especially on the ground floor, where I removed all the load-bearing walls to have a very large single 65m2 floor .

The idea was to have a great feeling of space in the living room where I spend the most time on a daily basis. This space has been designed very white, very pure with a few touches of color in the cushions or a few decorative objects. I'm a big fan of black & white, so it's the common thread that runs more or less pronounced in the house : very soft on the ground floor, very marked in the stairwell of the 1st, a mix of the 2 in the 2nd floor stairwell. Color takes its place in the bedrooms, each of which has its own color.

How did you furnish and accessorize it?

I hunted many pieces to have a unique decor. Rather classic pieces, but timeless . I worked a lot on the lights, which are the decorative pieces that I prefer to work on, because in my opinion they make with color the most important element of the decoration to warm up a space and feel good there.

What is your favorite piece of furniture?

My koushi pendant lights from Maison de Vacances. Small decorative oxygen bubbles. I like everything: their shape, their material, their lightness while being present. We love them even more in accumulation for a more magical side.

What is the room where you spend the most time?

I love spending time in my open kitchen, in the middle of the large living room. Not because I cook, I'm completely useless in this field, but because it's the place to be.

What place does the flea market / the second hand take in the decoration?

A big place ! This is the way for me to bring rooms back to life, but above all to add extra soul to an interior , for their uniqueness. Nothing more beautiful than an old patina.

What's your best vintage find?

There are several, my mottled island at Selency I think. Found before we even put the first hammer blow but I wanted to find it before finalizing my kitchen plan because I like kitchens that don't cook . I also love my dining room table, it's the old shutter of the garage of the house, it had an awful green color but sanded it has a great size that you never find in the trade.

See you in two weeks for the rest of this crazy home tour! On the program, the two floors with all the bedrooms and some small surprise spaces... 👀⚡