Bienvenue chez Émilie, créatrice de Sweet Cabane - Debongout

Welcome to Émilie, creator of Sweet Cabane

This week, we take you to discover the interior of Émilie, creator of the online magazine Sweet Cabane . Living slowly in the city , the motto of this one is also felt perfectly in the atmosphere that emerges from its little cocoon. Meet in the heart of the 6th arrondissement of Paris, in a family apartment where everything has been thought out so that everyone feels good. Émilie wanted a personal place, serene, conducive to creation, where the mind can happily wander... bet succeeded!

Emily, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Émilie, I am a photographer and creator of the Sweet Cabane blog. I have three children, Anna, Augustin and Daphne. We are here in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, a stone's throw from the Luxembourg Gardens. It is an apartment which dates from the end of the 19th century and which we have lived in for eleven years now.

What were your first desires for your interior?

From the start, I wanted this apartment to be a personal place. It's really an interior that changes according to desires , personal tastes and it must also be a place of inspiration. I like being able to think about it, whether it's a serene space that allows self-reflection and creation. And of course, where everyone feels good, child and adult alike.

How did you furnish and accessorize it?

The choice of decoration for me is like everything, it is according to your desires. It's a beautiful object, a shape… where I say to myself, well, it's going to go well there! I prefer second-hand or beautifully crafted objects , which are made of beautiful materials, durable, respectful of the environment. I really pay attention to that, in terms of furniture but also paintings, for example. I like to mix styles but the pieces I choose must always respond to a certain sobriety . A sobriety that we find over time, in the Napoleon III or Empire style for example. I also like the 50s style and the brutalism which reminds a bit of California.

What is your favorite piece of furniture?

I really like my brutalist coffee table because it's unusual. It's really solid oak, it was hard to find and I like the fact that you don't see it everywhere. I also really like my Saudade rug, a pretty Portuguese craft brand that offers unique and handmade creations.

Where do you find your inspirations?

I mainly draw my inspirations as I read, in books such as François Halard's art books or in magazines such as Openhouse, Milk Decoration, Design Anthology or House and Gardens...

What place does the flea market / the second hand take in your decoration?

A very important place! When I'm looking for a piece of furniture, I always say to myself, can't I find what I'm looking for by hunting around… I always think first of all second hand before going to see the sites or in the furniture shops.

Sweet Cabane, what is it?

Initially Sweet Cabane was an online magazine . Now it's also an Instagram page . From the start, the idea was: how to live in harmony with nature while being in the city . So I share seasonal recipes, reports on families who live a slow lifestyle, sustainable children's fashion, slow beauty, books, travel or exhibition ideas...

What is your favorite piece from Debongout?

I really like the little Paulette glass portable lamps. They particularly caught my attention when I saw them on Instagram! Maybe for my future apartment…

What is good taste for you?

For me, good taste is a bit normative. I think that good taste evolves with time and its eras . For me today, good taste is when everything is well thought out, when there is a certain harmony in the different elements that make up a room. A harmony of shapes, colors, all in connection with the space in which the objects fit.

To discover the complete tour of Émilie's apartment, with its large living room, its mix of styles and pretty decorative details, go to our Youtube page !