Bienvenue chez Caroline, créatrice de J’aime J’aime - Partie 1 - Debongout

Welcome to Caroline, creator of J'aime J'aime - Part 1

This month, Caroline, founder of the second-hand jewelry rental service J'aime J'aime , takes us on a tour of her interior. Caroline welcomed us to her sublime apartment in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. An apartment on two floors, completely renovated, where styles mix to create a warm atmosphere. And since there are so many beautiful things to admire, we decided to let you discover it in two parts. Today, stroll through the middle of the large living room including the living room and the dining room, and discover the master bedroom and its open bathroom. To make the pleasure last, we'll save you the first floor with the children's bedrooms, the second living room and the incredible glass roof overlooking the rooftops of Paris soon... Ready for the visit?

Caroline, can you introduce yourself?

I am the founder of J'aime J'aime , a committed rental and second-hand jewelry service. I am a mother of three children: Joseph, who is 9 years old, Léonie, who is 6 years old, and Camille, who is 4 years old.

Where are we today?

We are in our apartment, in which we have lived for 8 years. For me, it was very difficult to leave the Marais to live in the 16th arrondissement. But I must admit that the tranquility and beauty of the neighborhood quickly won me over. With my husband, we fell in love with this apartment, on the top floor of a small private mansion, in the middle of the greenery . There was everything to redo, everything we love! Since then, we have also carried out an elevation project, to grow at the pace of the family.

What were your first desires to decorate your interior?

The apartment is quite classic at the base, with sublime moldings on the ceiling, a Haussmann fireplace... I wanted to twist it to have a warm and singular cocoon, with lots of colors, combinations of shades that contrast with the white of the walls. I wanted a unique, colorful and cheerful interior that you can't find everywhere.

How did you furnish and accessorize it?

My interior is an eclectic mix composed over the years . Some pieces of furniture were unearthed at flea markets, such as the large Norwegian sideboard, the trunk containing our bottles of digestives, the large mirror in the dining room, the chrome floor lamp with its three spotlights, our letters “À LA FOLIE”... D other pieces were offered to us, such as Pierre Jouve's painting representing a panther and her babies, which I never tire of looking at. We also have Moroccan-inspired elements, like the mashrabiya closet in our bedroom, and family furniture like a very old armchair from my grandmother that I had re-upholstered.

What is your favorite piece of furniture?

Our large wooden dining room table! Dinners with friends hold an important place in our daily lives, and this table made in Belgium has not left us for 10 years. It is made of wood, timeless, friendly. It can accommodate large family and friendly tables!

What is your favorite antique piece?

One of our first vintage furniture purchases was our wooden sideboard, at the time of Joseph's birth. I particularly like it because it contains all our family photo albums, our pretty dishes. I put my parents' old turntable and a Pipistrello lamp on it. It is a symbolic piece of furniture for us, very central since you can hardly see it when you enter the apartment.

See you in three weeks for the rest of this crazy home tour! On the program, the floor with the children's bedrooms, the second living room and the large glass roof overlooking the rooftops of Paris... you won't be disappointed!