Bienvenue chez Alexandra de Milk and Home Family - Debongout

Welcome to Alexandra from Milk and Home Family

This week, we're meeting Alexandra (better known as milkandhomefamily on Instagram) at her lovely country home. As soon as we entered, we fell in love with this house, which has been completely renovated to become a real place to live! Here, it is the whole universe of Alexandra that mixes in a bright and friendly atmosphere . A beautiful space to accommodate all his little family. Ready for the visit? Let's go !

Alexandra, can you introduce yourself?

I am Alexandra, in love with a beautiful Iberian and mother of two pretty young ladies. Originally from Clermont, we moved 4 years ago into an old town house in the Bourbonnais.

What were your first desires to decorate your interior?

The house dates from the 1800s, we wanted to keep as much as possible of the existing building while making the place easy to live in. Our old apartment was sorely lacking in light. The key word here was light. We opted for white on the walls with a harmony between each room. All in a countryside spirit with English influences .

How did you furnish and accessorize it?

My husband and I are big flea market fans. We therefore naturally sourced most of the furniture and decoration. We have also reused some old furniture left by the previous owner.

Where do you find your inspirations?

Pinterest has been our friend and sometimes a false friend, a lot of inspiration sometimes very different, we had to give up a lot of very beautiful ideas. Instagram too, I think it's thanks to some accounts that we moved to a simpler and more refined decoration.

What place does the flea market occupy in your interior?

Almost the whole place! You can't resist a pretty patina or raw wood furniture. With us, the decor changes to the rhythm of our finds .

What is your favorite antique piece?

I like them almost all equally, but I have a big preference for our fringed suspension in the living room. Its size is perfect for the high ceilings of the house and the outdated fabric makes me particularly appreciate it.

Which room do you like to spend the most time in?

It's hard to choose, I love this house as a whole. But let's say that the bathroom with the old clawfoot tub that we found is pretty cool. The opening onto the garden, a good hot bath and a book in winter make it a relaxing room. And it is from there that we sometimes see small deer passing by. It's a wonderful sight.

What is your favorite piece of furniture?

Definitely the Parisian wardrobe in our hallway. First of all because finally the coats are put away in winter. But above all because it was an unexpected china, a totally improvised visit to our second-hand dealer. There are plenty of circumstances that could have made her go somewhere else, but we were there at the right time. I think it was meant for us, the kind of story I like when hunting .

What is your favorite piece from Debongout?

Without hesitation Achilles. The dark wood, the curve of its armrests and the camel leather seat. Accompanied by a coffee and a good book, I find it perfect.

What do you think is good taste?

Good taste is above all a very appreciable and useful quality in many areas. In decoration, I think it's a set of things that embellish each other . Where each object is at the service of a whole in order to provide a tremendous impression of happiness and well-being.