Bébéland, terre de jeu et de sens - Debongout

Bébéland, land of play and meaning

After having revisited the parents' room during the last Lovers collection , Debongout now invites itself into the children's room. Bébéland honors the little ones by rethinking their universe. Our desire: to imagine a delicate little cocoon for them, with objects that make sense and respect the environment. A return to nature.

This new collection brings together timeless essentials, everyday objects that will become memories of a lifetime. We have thought of all the details that make it possible to create a soft setting, while choosing them responsibly.

Joseph, the small rattan bed is a unique piece, picked up during our trips to the different French regions. The essential mobile floating just above takes on the air of decorative jewellery ! Ulysses is made of golden brass and recycled material from discarded books. The stacked and pressed pages turn into a laminated paper with characteristics very similar to wood.

To illuminate this space, we have imagined something to create an atmosphere conducive to rest and calm . Lucie , the little sister of our Lucia lamp that you already know, was like her designed in collaboration with the French brand Comme un ray of sun. These wooden and LED lights are made in an establishment where people come first, a center for help through work in Antony, near Paris.

Like all our collections, Bébéland is made up of antique pieces, which give furniture a second life and thus create a circular economy, one of Debongout 's fundamental values. It's the return of our Garance chest of drawers ! Very practical for carefully storing small baby things, it can also be used as a changing table. And to bring character to the child's room , you won't find better! We have also thought of you, who will spend a lot of time in this room, by adding a caned rocking chair to our vintage pieces. Alibert will be the perfect ally in moments of relaxation.

On the floor, the essential warm carpet ! We chose it white, fluffy and very soft. Igor is handmade in Denmark, made from cotton and recycled plastic fibres. Its manufacture thus affects the environment much less, but gives it, like wool, a fluffy feeling.

The ideal play area to enjoy Bobbie the tool box or Martine the grocery store ! For toys, we favored wood, which is more natural, but also more ethical and of more sustainable quality. These wooden games made in Europe, playful, practical and cute as you wish, contribute to creating the universe full of meaning that we wanted for this room dedicated to childhood.

All these pieces of furniture and objects have been chosen to give meaning to this very special collection, where the child is in the spotlight. Debongout also wants to be tasteful in the way it creates its collections. Discover all these pieces and many others on our e-shop , and do not hesitate to write to us to give us your opinion :)