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Back to Cool, our back-to-school collection

The turntable is plugged in, electro funk sounds resonate in the living room, immersed in the good vibes of the 70's. Are you there? So welcome to Debongout's back-to-school collection, Back to Cool ✌🏻 Thought for our interior, in which daily life and work increasingly mix, we went to tap into the clean and sophisticated lines of the 70s. offer a graphic, elegant and warm style, and always with as much meaning.

September marks the return home. Finding the sweetness of your home, reclaiming your space, reinventing your interior, that's what we like at the start of the school year. Back to Cool composes your living room, but also your workspace, two living spaces that often become one.

Great novelty of this season, we created our own armchair . Jeans are made in Indonesia, made of solid teak and natural rattan cane. We wanted a simple armchair in its look. Straight lines and a perfect inclination that make it a seat full of elegance... Our new little favourite! Next to it, we have chosen a marble coffee table. Marie Pierre (we must admit that we are very proud of his little name 😎) is a unique piece, an exceptional piece due to its pretty ivory hue, its generous dimensions and its perfect condition.

No seventies spirit without a terry wool fabric ! OUR end of sofa (which can also be used as a pouf) and our Serge cushion are the perfect accessories to have to bring relief to your living room. We love their soft imitation fur feel which makes them stand out. They also pair wonderfully with our colored cushions Jean-Jacques . And if in addition their little name can put us in the mood... #auboutdemesrêves 🚀 Another essential of retro decoration, the sun mirror. Ours, named Joel is small. You will be able to easily find a place of choice for it or even accumulate several to dress a wall.

On the workspace side, we opted for charming second-hand items. An Edouard wooden desk that we have adopted for its fully assumed vintage style and its pretty details. And a Claude Baumann-style chair, the classic little wooden seat that finds its place everywhere, even in front of a desk!

Estelle and Corinne , our two new lights will illuminate the atmosphere in their own way. One is golden from head to toe, the little gold touch that we love ! The other is in raffia with clean lines, perfect for a bohemian and sophisticated look at the same time.

Finally, as for each collection, we wanted to collaborate with craftsmen or artists whose work we particularly like . We have chosen to offer you the works of the abstract painter Don Alewijn in a printed version . Don Alewijn is inspired by the shapes and colors that surround him in his daily life. His paintings are the perfect complement to the graphic and sophisticated atmosphere that we wanted for this back-to-school collection.

We are also very proud of our collaboration with Nunamae , a pretty brand of rugs made in Portugal whose values, close to ours, immediately won us over. Nunamae uses natural and recycled materials for its creations. We present to you Georgio , our new carpet in 100% recycled cotton, designed exclusively for Debongout 🤩

Here's a little taste of the Debongout back-to-school class photo. But there is also Anne the statuette, Philippe the vase, Théodore the set of glasses… waiting for you impatiently! Discover our new Back to Cool collection now on our website , but also in our showroom at 4 rue Martel, Paris 10th , open Monday to Saturday. Sign up to come see us !