3 façons d’adopter nos commodes et buffets vintage dans votre intérieur - Debongout

3 ways to adopt our vintage chests of drawers and sideboards into your interior

You surely know Olga, Garance and Gilbert, our pretty chests of drawers and sideboards ! With their large storage space and their patina that tells their story , these pieces of furniture offer many layout possibilities in your interior. If you lack inspiration to highlight them, we give you some ideas to easily adopt them at home.

In the entrance as an occasional piece of furniture

For a beautiful interior from the front door , place a sideboard or chest of drawers in an entrance. Next to a stool , a lady Jeanne or a basket , it will immediately have its small effect. Add a few decorative vases , candle holders or light fixtures and you're done! All you have to do is put your keys in there and store all your accessories.

In a corner of the room as perfect storage

We also love our Olga, Garance and Gilbert when they take place in a bedroom, as decorative furniture or in storage space. Next to the bed or near a window, they will be ideal for storing clothes, accessories and linens . Above, place a few small decorative objects: books, mirrors or illustrations will enhance your dresser and go perfectly with its vintage style .

In the middle of the living room to mix styles

If you want to mix new and vintage, our chests of drawers and sideboards are the perfect furniture. Thanks to their vintage patina, they will be able to bring this old side that we love to the room. We can easily imagine them next to armchairs , rocking chairs or poufs . Add a disco ball to reflect the sun's rays on your Olga, Garance or Gilbert. And thanks to their large storage space, they will perfectly accommodate your dishes or children's toys.