5 pièces vintage qui ont traversé les époques ! - Debongout

5 vintage pieces that have crossed the ages!

We know them with their current use, but did you know that at the time, some vintage pieces were used differently? Trolley, hairdresser, trunk, worker, farm table... Today we tell you the story of these 5 flea market pieces , and we also give you some advice on how to install them in your home.

The sideboard

The sideboard, also called serving table, was created in the 17th century. At the time, it was used to serve and serve dishes and crockery during meals. Equipped with wheels, it moves from one place to another effortlessly and allows you to clear the table more quickly by reducing the number of trips between the dining room and the kitchen. It is through its great utility that the sideboard has become an important piece of furniture, also serving to serve tea or breakfast.

Today, this small mobile side table has a special place in our interiors. If it is always used for its primary function, it can also be declined in many ways. In the living room as a side table, it perfectly accommodates your books and magazines. We can also imagine it in an office, bedroom or kitchen to display all your accessories.

The hairdresser

The term “hairdresser” appears at the beginning of the 20th century, while furniture has existed since Antiquity. Composed of a shelf, one or more mirrors and many drawers, the dressing table is a storage unit, but above all a place of preparation where you put on make-up, perfume yourself and do your hair. If originally this furniture corresponds to both men and women, it very quickly becomes the embodiment of the feminine mystery. The hairdresser can indeed provide herself with secret hiding places, in order to receive intimate correspondence.

Today, the dressing table is back on the front of the stage and goes very well with all interior styles! In a bathroom or a bedroom but also as a small office in the corner of a living room , it will immediately make its small impression in your home. Its many drawers now serve as space to store everything you need.

The trunk

One of the oldest known trunks dates back to the golden age of the Egyptian pharaohs. Many chests have indeed been found in the tomb of Tutankhamun. Even the Greeks and Romans used them in all important journeys. At the time, the trunk was a wooden and bronze chest, sometimes decorated with ornaments of ivory and precious metals. The lid was flat in order to allow the stacking of the trunks in the means of transport used. Later, the industrial revolution swept through the 19th century with the start of a new concept of travel trunks.

Today, the trunk is well installed in our interiors. Of all sizes and colors, it can be used as a storage chest, side table and even a coffee table ! It goes perfectly with other vintage trunks and will accommodate books, children's toys or even vases.

The worker

The worker, also called worker-sewing or sewing furniture, was originally a small piece of furniture mounted on legs, made up of compartments that opened or unfolded to allow access to useful sewing utensils. Widely used in 20th century homes, the worker gradually found other uses.

Today, it is often used as a side table, side table, toy chest, bedside table ... With its pretty lines and numerous sometimes hidden storage spaces, it is the perfect piece of furniture to have at home.

The farmhouse table

The farmhouse table is a timeless design that has long adorned dining rooms. This autumn-inspired wooden dining table is a classic for a vintage and bohemian decoration. Classic with bright and luminous wood hues and a raw appearance, it is especially chosen for its large size, its plain appearance and its drawers placed under the top. The large farmhouse table is a must-have item for any family get-together!

Although still widely used as a dining table, the farmhouse table has other uses today. It can be placed in a kitchen to dispose of crockery and kitchen utensils, or be used as a small desk or small table in the bedroom or living room.