5 pièces vintage à chiner cet été - Debongout

5 vintage pieces to hunt for this summer

Flea market season is in full swing! This summer, you may have the opportunity to stroll through small alleys to find pretty vintage furniture . Whether you are looking for a particular piece or not, let yourself be inspired by all the stands that offer lots of pretty products. We invite you today to discover the 5 vintage pieces to absolutely hunt for this summer ...

The farmhouse table

The farmhouse table is a timeless design that has long graced dining rooms. Classic with bright and luminous wood tones and a raw appearance, it is chosen above all for its large size, its plain appearance and its drawers placed under its top . It is also very practical in a kitchen to dispose of crockery and kitchen utensils, or in the bedroom or living room as a small desk or small table.

It goes perfectly with antique or non-antique seats , such as our Jeanne cane chairs or our Claude wooden chairs. Add small decorations, such as an Adel decorative vase , a Melchior glass candle holder and a Noa cutting board for a nice mix of new and mottled as we like.

The wooden chair

The wooden chair is an essential that finds its place everywhere! We adopt it for its pretty lines and its patina that tells its story. In an old or contemporary universe, it immediately makes its small effect .

We adopt it alone or with other vintage seats to mix styles . The wooden chair is also very pretty around a Romy table , in front of an Édouard wooden desk or a Louise marble dressing table .

The mirror

Vintage Louis Philippe mirrors to install on your fireplace, beveled mirrors to accumulate in the bathroom, gilded mirrors to illuminate your interior... You are bound to find what you are looking for with all the pretty old mirrors available in flea markets.

We can easily imagine them hanging on the wall or directly placed on the ground. The mirror is the essential piece to make your interior shine while bringing depth . It goes perfectly with a Romy table or a vintage Edouard desk . We also love it accompanied by other decorative objects, such as Émile candlesticks or Sabine illustrations .

The trunk

Used at the time as a travel chest, the trunk is now well installed in our interiors. It is mainly chosen for its vintage appearance and its capacity . Of all sizes and colors, it can be used as a storage chest, side table and even a coffee table!

The trunk goes perfectly with other vintage trunks and will accommodate books, children's toys or even vases. If you use it as a coffee table, do not hesitate to install our Scandinavian Achille armchairs or our Alibert rocking chairs in your space. You can even add a few Nicole, Faustine or Suzanne candles .

The hairdresser

Composed of a shelf, one or more mirrors and numerous drawers, the dressing table is first and foremost a storage unit, but above all a place of preparation where one puts on make-up, perfumes oneself and does one's hair. Today, the dressing table is back on the front of the stage and goes very well with all interior styles !

We can imagine it in a bathroom, a bedroom but also as a small office in the corner of a living room. It goes well with a Claude wooden chair , a Regis stool , but also a pretty vintage Georges mirror and a few small accessories.