Nos 5 conseils pour chiner les bonnes pépites - Debongout

Our 5 tips for finding good nuggets

The flea market season is open! From the beginning of spring until the end of September, flea markets will follow one another in the four corners of France. And with all the holidays in May, it's the perfect opportunity to go in search of second-hand products. Whether you're looking for a particular piece or not, there are a few best practices to get the best deals and come back with some good loot. Come on, we give you our little tips for a successful flea market trip.

Find the right vintage mirror

Before looking for a mirror, try to find the model you want to install in your home. Vintage Louis Philippe mirrors to install on your fireplace, beveled mirrors to accumulate in the bathroom, gilded mirrors to illuminate your interior... Also observe carefully any imperfections. And a little advice to ensure the authenticity of a mercury mirror : use the pencil lead trick. The farther the reflection of the pencil, the thicker the glass and the longer it was made. The closer it is, the thinner and more recently the glass.

Hunt for the right trunk

If you want to buy a vintage trunk , you must first know where you want to install it. At the end of the sofa, in the children's room as a toy chest, in the living room as a coffee table... Lots of possibilities, and plenty of trunks available , depending on the color or shape. Do not hesitate to open it, look at it from every angle to best imagine it in your interior. And you can even stack them to create a nice style !

Hunt out the good farmhouse table

The farmhouse table is a timeless piece that has adorned our dining rooms for a long time. Classic with bright and luminous wood hues and a raw appearance , it is especially chosen for its large size, its plain appearance and its drawers placed under the top. It's up to you which color, storage and size you prefer. Whether classic , or more original , you will inevitably find what you are looking for.

Find the right vintage bedside table

Total wood look or embellished with a marble top , with drawers, lockers or cupboards, the vintage bedside tables are all more original than the other ! The mottled bedside tables take their place in the bedroom alongside the bed, or in the entrance hall as a small piece of extra furniture. Choosing them well is a matter of preference. Rather classic, or mismatched, it's up to you!

Find the right hairdresser

In wood or marble , vintage dressing tables are must-haves that you only come across once in your life , not to be missed! These small desks with mirrors and storage have gone through the ages but retain their beauty. You can choose between several styles, sizes and colors. You can also use them as storage furniture in a living room or office.

There you go! You now know how to choose your nuggets. All you have to do is install them in your home.