3 façons d'adopter nos suspensions Paulette dans votre intérieur - Debongout

3 ways to adopt our Paulette pendant lights in your interior

We no longer present our Paulette lamps , the suspension version of our Colette ! Like the latter, our Paulettes are made up of vintage glass globes picked up during our flea market tours. These glassware of yesteryear are associated with a golden metal socket and a braided fabric cord. They are assembled in France, by craftsmen who rethink their look but also their perfectly modernized electrical system. If you lack inspiration to showcase your Paulette in your interior, you've come to the right place...

Suspended from the ceiling or along a wall

Our portable lamps are designed to be suspended. Wrap your son around a peg, a hook or a bracket fixed to the wall or the ceiling... your Paulette floats delightfully above your head! This technique is ideal for lighting a small space such as a kitchen or the rest area of ​​a bedroom. Imagine two suspensions falling on each side of the bed 🤩 Thanks to their classic plug, our Paulettes are easily connected (no need for special electrical installation and that's good news).

Placed on the corner of a table

Paulette can also take place on a table, a fireplace, a bedside table or a desk , delicately placed in a corner. Depending on their shape, they are positioned horizontally or vertically and thus create a nice little source of warm light . And you can even move your Paulette easily, according to your desires. We love this option for the bedroom or the office, perfect for creating a cozy and delicate atmosphere.

Together, it's even better!

We also love Paulette when she is accompanied by a few friends. For a nice look and more sustained brightness, hang several portable lamps together. Two, three or even four models (identical or mismatched) to create your own light . For this, several techniques are available to you: suspend them all at the same height to create a beautiful light cluster, align them or play with the lengths and find the perfect balance. Mix models, colors and sizes... It's up to you to create!